05 APRIL 2020

Palm Sunday Readings

Let the birthing of flower, insect and bird be a sign of renewal and resurrection all around us. In the Manse garden, a single iris has grown tall through a bush of thorns; its purple and delicate yellow radiant in stark contrast to needle thin stick brown branches. Almost unseen, the iris praises the Eternal.

I am the one whose praise
Echoes on high.

I adorn the earth.

I am the breeze
That nurtures all things
I encourage blossoms to flourish with ripening fruits.

I am led by the spirit to feed
The purest streams.

I am the rain
Coming from the dew
That causes the grasses to laugh
With the joy of life.

I call forth tears,
The aroma of holy work.

I am the yearning for good.

Hildegard of Bingen
Mystic, poet and composer

Jesus comes near and he beholds the city
And looks on us with tears in his eyes,
And wells of mercy, streams of love and pity
Flow from the fountain when all things arise.
He loved us into life and longs to gather
And meet with his beloved face to face.
How often has he called, a careful mother,
And wept for our refusals of his grace,
Wept for a world that, weary with its weeping,
Benumbed and stumbling, turns the other way;
Fatigued compassion is already sleeping
Whilst her worst nightmares stalk the light of day.
But we might waken yet, and face those fears,
If we could see ourselves through Jesus’ tears.
Malcolm Guite


Centre of all life,
cosmos and community,
Mystery Eternal,
creator of minerals, viruses and creatures of consciousness,
evolution’s cycle of beauty, pain and death,
we crave the stillness,
sacred peace,
of Your gentle Presence.

Distressed, fearful,
we pray for key workers,
medical research and NHS staff,
shop assistants, teachers, and vets.
May they be upheld in our love.

Soothe with Your healing
all who have fallen ill;
may a vaccine be found soon.

Support our communities
at St Columba and Lochside;
help us to support and care for one another.

Holy God,
open us to ever greater trust in You;
may we find moments of deep rest
lying against You,
listening to Your breathing.

Our Father…..