10 September 2017

WELCOME TO AYR: ST. COLUMBA CHURCH: For 115 years this building has stood at the heart of this part of our ancient Royal Burgh. It has witnessed wars, been favoured by a Royal visitor, welcomed holidaymakers, and been served by illustrious ministers, devoted musicians and dedicated members. Throughout these years, in anxious and sad times, in days of celebration and rejoicing, this Church has served the people as a place of sanctity, stability, and continuity. Today, in a society where the things of faith are often neglected, we strive to maintain an inclusive Christian presence, seeking ever to enhance the lives of everyone who comes into contact with us, and to reach out in mercy and compassion to a deeply troubled world. Here we explore and are not afraid to fail; here we are encouraged to ask questions; here we try to be a safe place for all ages. If you are here for the first time today, we pray that you will know something of God’s love in Jesus Christ, and that you will go home feeling inspired, strengthened, challenged and comforted.

AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 3: Mrs. Anne Hope, Mrs. Margaret Johnston,
Mr. Colin Naismith, Mr. Bryce Hartshorn, Dr. Ruth Martin, Mrs. Ann Naismith, Mr. David Reader, Mrs. Mo Howie, Mrs. Fiona Hunter, Mrs. Isabel Kelly, Mr. Bob Bartholomew and Mr. Iain Hope
MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Mr. & Mrs. Peter Robertson, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Cardie, Mr. & Mrs. Phyllis McBride and Mr. and Mrs. David Campbell.

SUNDAY 17 September 2017
9.30 am Family Worship      Duty Team: 4                Sound: Mr Alan Hawthorn
10.00 am St. Columba Kids & Bible Class
11.15 am Morning Worship Sound: Mr David Campbell

LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the September edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.50.
COLUMBA NEWS: Material for the next edition should be with the editor by Sunday 24th September. Articles should be emailed to the editor at: editor.columbanews@gmail.com
20’s IN THE PEWS: total collected in July is £196.09. The Kirk Session has decided to donate funds raised this year to support the work of Parkinson’s Scotland.
MESSY CHURCH – Messy Church will resume on Saturday 30th September. Meetings will be held on the last Saturday of the month. This is a fun family approach to Church – all parents/grandparents and children welcome.
LUNCH CLUB: there will be a meeting for everyone involved with the Lunch Club on Wednesday 20th September at 10am in the Struthers’ Room. There is always room for willing hands to join the Team, if you can help on a Friday once a fortnight during the winter please come along to the meeting.
FOODBANK: Your continued support and every donation you make is very much appreciated. Urgently required: coffee, jam, packets of instant mash, packets custard, spaghetti, biscuits of any kind and packets of pasta in sauce.
“OASIS”: The weekly drop in cafe is open to everyone – please bring a friend! Meeting every Thursday 10.30-12.00 in the Struthers’ Room, this is a place to relax, a place to chat! The morning papers are available.
AYRWAYS!: If you have breathing problems or lung conditions or care for someone with such, then why not come along to Ayr’s singing for breathing choir: Ayrways! We meet 4-5.30pm, with tea/coffee and a chat from 4-4.30pm, Thursdays at The Book & Bun on Newmarket Street. Rachel Hynes runs the choir so talk to her or contact Angela on 01292437338 or angela@vasa.scot
KEEP FIT & RELAXATION CLASS resumes on Wednesday 13th September in the newly refurbished Midton Hall. New members most welcome, class starts (chat permitting) at 2pm. details from the office.

AYR HOSPITAL: Mr. David Burton (Stn. 16)
THE BIGGART: Mr. Charlie Symington (Urquhart) and Mrs. Helen Peters (Lindsay)
TEMPLETON HOUSE: Mr Donald Irving (Respite Care)

Happy Anniversary wishes and Congratulations to Mr. & Mrs. Ian McBride who celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary, tomorrow 11th September.

Rita (Mackenzie) would like thank everyone who took time to support and send good wishes following her recent spell in hospital.


DO YOU FANCY APPLE CRUMBLE! Please help yourself to apples. (James Grieve variety) from the Manse garden! No charge!!