11 January 2015

WELCOME TO AYR: ST. COLUMBA CHURCH: Here at St Columba, you will find a warm welcome from committed Christian people who are serious about their faith journey but also enjoy having a good time. You will find passionate worship which seeks to incorporate both the traditional and the new, and preaching that tries hard to make the Scripture message relevant to our daily living. We are a congregation drawn from all parts of Ayr and beyond, and we come together to worship and to take part in all kinds of Christian service in the community. If you want a Church that will honour your journey of faith and challenge you to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus Christ, then this is the place for you, and we are delighted to welcome you. Let no one feel a stranger in this place! A very special welcome to the family of Florence who will be baptised at the 11.15am Service this morning.

AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 7: Mr. Donald Macrae, Mrs. Jean Stewart, Mrs. Heather Fullerton, Mr. Charlie Jack, Mrs. Christina Kennedy, Mr. Terry Swinn, Mr. Hugh Brown, Mr. Keith Fullerton, Mrs. Irene Bartholomew, Mr. Norman Reid, Mr. Bob Templeton and Mr. Peter G. Macdonald

MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by The Younger Family, The Bartholomew Family, Mrs. Chrissie Luke and Mr. John McBride in memory of Jessie’s Anniversaries on 4th January.

SUNDAY 18 January 2015
9.30 am Family Service            Duty Team: 8                    Sound: Mr. Alan Hawthorn
10.00am Sunday School & Bible Class
11.15 am Morning Worship     Sacrament of Baptism      Sound: Mr. David Campbell

20’s IN THE PEWS: The total collected in December was £104.60. This year monies go to The
Beatson Cancer Charity. This Charity has been established fairly recently and provides support services for patients and families involved with the Beatson.
LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the January edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.20.
OUR DEEPEST THANKS to all who contributed to the Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning offerings the sum of £4,800 was donated and will be divided amongst three charities, “Wheels in Motion”, “Good Morning South Ayrshire Telephone Befriending Service” and “The Glasgow City Mission”.
ELDERS are asked to uplift their Columba News and Communion cards from their NEW PIGEONHOLES for immediate distribution. Elders please note that the pigeonholes have been renewed and ALL district numbers have been updated. Every Elder has his/her own individual pigeonhole. There is a list of “old” and “new” numbers attached to the side of the centre block. Please look and locate your box.
COMMUNION DUTY: Elders are reminded to check the duty list in the glass Cabinet in the Carrick Park vestibule. Please indicate your availability or otherwise on this notice.
FOOD BANK: The food requested is determined by demand. Always needed are: long life milk, diluting juice, jam, small packets pasta, noodles and rice, small packets sugar, tins of fruit, packet custard and instant mash.
RALEIGH INTERNATIONAL: Young Rory Watson who is heading off to Costa Rica later this year with Raleigh International is holding a Fund Raising Soup Lunch on Sunday 18th January in the Midton Hall at 12.30pm.
WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON BIBLE STUDY: will meet on 14th January at 2.00pm in the Carrick Room. All very welcome
FLOWER CALENDAR 2015: is now available in the Carrick Park vestibule.
FLOWER TEAM: our meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th January in the Carrick Room at 7.30pm. Old and new members very welcome. Please bring your diary!
DELIVERY OF FLOWERS: approximately six bouquets of Church flowers are sent out every Sunday to housebound, sick and bereaved members. There is a pressing need for additional deliverers to join the rota. If you are able to give a little time to this most important outreach please speak to Irene in the office or one of the flower ladies in the kitchen after the 11.15 am Service.
THE MONDAY CLUB: meets tomorrow, 12th January at 7.30pm when we are guests of the Men’s Association. Committee members are reminded that there is a short meeting at 6.30pm tomorrow evening. The following fortnight, 26th January, is our fund raising event when we are holding a Scottish Evening concert, tickets for which are now available from members. As this is our only fund raiser of the session, we would much appreciate the support of as many people as possible.
MEN’S ASSOCIATION-the new session starts on Monday 12th , as we approach the Burns Season our Guest presenter, Hugh McNeillie, will give us a theatrical performance as he meanders among the audience accompanied by that well known accordionist Ian Muir. This will be an excellent evening.

AYR HOSPITAL: Mrs. Helen Skinner (Stn 11) and Mr. David McKnight (Stn. 6)