25 November 2018

WELCOME TO ST COLUMBA CHURCH! People have been coming to this building to worship God for over a hundred years. While our town has journeyed through many changes over those years, the constancy of the witness of the “Church on Midton Road” has remained uninterrupted. The mission of any Church is to reflect through its presence, its music, its fellowship and its beauty the transcendence of God, and we seek to do that here in all that we share.
We hope that everyone who enters these doors will find an encouraging, friendly group of people. While we are far from perfect, we are regularly discovering truths that are changing us individually and enriching our lives as a church community. As we worship together, learn from the Bible, and pray for one another, we are strengthened in our commitment to Jesus Christ as well as to each other. If this is your first time here, we welcome you, and invite you to share the joy that we have found.
AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 6: Mrs. Pamela Naylor, Mr. Tom Rodger, Mr. Bill McCulloch, Mr. Michael Whiteford, Mr. Alex. Connell, Mr. Robbie Park, Mr. Jim Hunter, Mr. Jim Hume, Mrs. Liz Murray, Mr. Glynn McCaig, Mrs. Jane Hunter and Mr. Jim W. Brown
MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Mrs. Diana Johnson, Mr. Iain Muir, Mrs. Jean MacCallum and Mrs. Marlene Hamilton
Sunday 2 December 2018        FIRST SUNDAY IN ADVENT
9.30 am Family Worship        Duty Team: 7       Sound: TBA
10.00 am St. Columba Kids
11.15am Morning Worship                                  Sound: TBA
WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON COMMUNION: 28th November at 2.00pm in the Centenary Aisle. Followed by tea in the Struthers’ Room.
ELDERS – COLUMBA NEWS: please uplift your magazines for immediate delivery. This issue contains information about Christmas activities – please deliver promptly!
20’s IN THE PEWS: Total collected in October £89.19. The Kirk Session has decided to donate funds raised this year to support the work of ACE (Racerunning) Disability Recreation and Sport, Ayr.
LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the November edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.50
CONGREGATIONAL LUNCH: on 9th DECEMBER at the Kylestrome Hotel. The reserve list is closed
FRASER’S RETIRAL LUNCH: Sunday 31st March Lunch. If you have a Table of 10 please uplift a form from the Carrick Park vestibule. Tables will be processed with all other requests for seats on Sunday 2nd December.
WEDNESDAY EVENING BIBLE STUDY will take place on 28 November at 7.30 pm in the Struthers Room. The topic for discussion will be ‘Jesus and Pontius Pilate in the Passion narratives.’ All welcome
FOOD BANK: Thank you all for the wonderful response to last week’s appeal, please continue to remember a few extra items when you shop- urgently required are easy to prepare tins of meat – Mince, Stew, Chilli, Irish Stew , curry etc. The demand for assistance from the Food Bank continues to rise.
THE GUILD: tomorrow 26 November at 7.30 p.m. in the Midton Road Hall and the Men’s Association will be joining us. Our speaker is Mr Dane Love who will give a talk on the Lost Villages of Ayrshire. If you would like to come along you will be made most welcome.
DMS CONCERT BUS: a bus will be organised for The Dreghorn Music Society Christmas Concert in the Grand Hall Kilmarnock on Wednesday 5th December at 7.30pm – leaving Church at 6.30pm. Ticket and Bus will cost £16. Tickets should be paid as soon as possible – thank you. Please add your name to the list in the Carrick Park vestibule if you would like to attend.
CHRISTMAS and NEW YEAR CALENDAR: copies of the Calendar of Events during Advent, Christmas and the New Year are available at both doors this morning.
AYR HOSPITAL: Mrs. Anne Ball (Stn 4)
THE BIGGART HOSPITAL: Mrs. Margaret Stirling (Urquhart)
QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL, GLASGOW: Mrs. Marlene Hamilton (Spinal Unit)

Saturday 15th December Seniors’ Afternoon Tea – 2.00pm – 4.30pm 
Sunday 16th December 9.30am st. Columba Kids Nativity followed by Christmas party time 
11.15am Morning Worship 
4.30pm – Service of readings and carols by candlelight
Followed by mulled wine & mince pies in the Midton Road Hall
Tuesday and Friday 18th and 21st December – Advent music for meditation – 10.00am – 12.00 noon