28 January 2018

WELCOME TO AYR: ST. COLUMBA CHURCH: Today the Church of Scotland launches “Year of the Young People,” and we commit ourselves here in St Columba to working with young people; encouraging their gifts, enabling their participation, safeguarding their interests.

We commit ourselves to supporting each other in our Christian journey; to walking alongside the doubting and the downcast, listening, not interfering.

We commit ourselves to confronting superficial solution, speaking not avoiding.

We commit ourselves to rejoice with those who rejoice and to weep with those who weep, to be partners in the service of the Gospel in this place.

Around the Table our Lord Jesus Christ this morning, we commit ourselves – our time, our energy and skills to being a Church for all people – loving, forgiving, accepting, challenging, empowering.

AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 1:  Mrs. Carol Morrison, Mrs. Ann Vance,Miss Lesley Hunter, Mr. Bob Cowan, Mrs. Hazel Steele, Mr. Graham Hamilton, Dr. Helen Hunter, Mr. Robin White, Mrs Helen Mackay, Mr. Graeme Savage, Mr. Malcolm Mackay and Mr. Brian Morrison

Team 2: Mr. Graeme McKinstry, Mrs. Jean Watson, Mrs. Jo Bruce,  Mrs. Helen Greig , Mr. Jack McConnachie, Miss Nicola McKinlay, Mr. Tony Greig, Mr. Michael Warren, Mrs Fiona Taylor, Mr. Alan McKinlay, Mr. Duncan McCallum and Mr. John Eaglesham

Team 3: Mrs. Anne Hope, Mrs. Margaret Johnston, Mr. Colin Naismith, Mr. Bryce Hartshorn, Dr. Ruth Martin, Mrs. Ann Naismith, Mr. David Reader, Mrs. Mo Howie, Mrs. Fiona Hunter, Mrs. Isabel Kelly,  Mr. Bob Bartholomew and Mr. Iain Hope

MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Mrs. Dorothy Dawson, Mrs. Marilyn Muir, Miss Janette Otterson and Mrs. Joyce Kennedy.



9.30 am – Team: 1                       11.15 am – Team: 2                             6.30 pm – Team: 3

Sound: Mr. John Ferguson       Sound: Mr. Keith Fullerton               Sound: Mr. Jim Brown

Retiring offering at all Services for support of our friends in the Congregation at Lochside Church

Sunday 4 February 2018


9.30 am           Morning Worship                Duty Team: 4                   Sound: Mr. Alastair Swan

10.00 am         St. Columba Kids

11.15am            Morning Worship                  Sound: Mr. Brian McKinlay

3.00pm            New Elders’ Meeting

20’s IN THE PEWS: total collected in December is £168.22. The Kirk Session has decided to donate funds raised this year to support the work of Parkinson’s Scotland.

KIRK SESSION: there will be a meeting of the Kirk Session on Thursday 1st February in Cathcart Street Hall at 7.30pm. Elders are reminded to uplift their Agenda and Minutes from their pigeonholes.

NEW ELDERS: Those who have been nominated by the Kirk Session for Ordination to the Eldership are asked to meet in the Struthers’ Room on Sunday 4th February at 3.00p.m

BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT for elders and pastoral care visitors on Tuesday 13 February at 7.30pm in the Midton Road Hall: Perspectives on Bereavement – Mrs. Myra Sime (Care Home Manager) and Dr. Kirsty Muirhead (Palliative Care Specialist)

MENS ASSOCIATION: Next Meeting Monday 29th January, 7.30pm in Struthers Room. Speaker Heather Dunk on the “Present and Future” of Ayr College. Visitors made very welcome.


AYR HOSPITAL: Mr. Willie Chalmers (Stn. 12); Mr. John Hamilton (Stn 9); Mr. Jim Symington (Stn. 3)

BIGGART HOSPITAL: Mrs. Margaret McClure (Lindsay)

QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL, GLASGOW: Mrs. Marlene Hamilton (Spinal Unit)

The funeral service for Mr John McBride of Riverside Court who passed away three weeks ago is still to be organised as his daughter, Rosemary, is unwell at present.

The funeral service for Mr Charlie Symington of Rosslyn Place, Ayr, who died in the Biggart Hospital will be held at Masonhill on Saturday 3rd February at 11.15am. We remember Gillian and Scott in our prayers today.

The funeral service for Mrs Ellis Robertson of Campbell Street, Ayr, will be held tomorrow at Masonhill at 11.15. Our prayers and affection are extended to her husband, John, and all the family

The service of thanksgiving for the life of Mr Drummond Cameron of Robsland Avenue will be held here in the Church on Wednesday 31st January at 10.30, preceded by a private cremation service. Our sincerest sympathy is extended to his wife, Nancye, and the family

The service of thanksgiving for Mrs Mary Brown of Old Hillfoot Road will be held here in the Church on Friday 2nd February at 4.15, preceded by a private cremation service. Our sincerest condolences are extended to her daughter, Aileen, son in law, Andrew, and all the family.