3 March 2019

WELCOME TO ST COLUMBA CHURCH: People have been coming to this building to worship God for over a hundred years. While our town has journeyed through many changes over those years, the constancy of the witness of the “Church on Midton Road” has remained uninterrupted. The mission of any Church is to reflect through its presence, its music, its fellowship and its beauty the transcendence of God, and we seek to do that here in all that we share.
We hope that everyone who enters these doors will find an encouraging, friendly group of people. While we are far from perfect, we are regularly discovering truths that are changing us individually and enriching our lives as a church community. As we worship together, learn from the Bible, and pray for one another, we are strengthened in our commitment to Jesus Christ as well as to each other. If this is your first time here, we welcome you, and invite you to share the joy that we have found.
AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 10: Mr. Millar Muir, Mr. Alastair Swan, Mr. George Templeton, Mr. Iain Campbell, Mrs. Anne Swan, Mr. George Park, Mrs. Lorna Hilderley, Mr. Norman Wallace, Mrs. Fiona Hosie, Mr. Alan McHarg and Mr. Alan Hawthorn
MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Mr. Iain McCrae, Mrs. Elizabeth Lawrie, Mrs. Morag Bryden, Mrs. Kirsty Muirhead and Mrs. Madge Stephen.
Sunday 10 March 2019

9.30 am Family Worship: Duty Team: 11 Sound: Mr. John Crone
10.00 am St. Columba Kids
11.15am Morning Worship Sound: Mr. Brian McKinlay

TRUSTEES MEETING for ALL ELDERS – Monday 4th March at 7.30pm in the Midton Road Hall. ANNUAL ACCOUNTS can be collected from your pigeonhole.
20’s IN THE PEWS: Total collected in January £81.24. The Kirk Session has agreed that this year’s recipient will be Alzheimers (Scotland). Thank you for your continued generosity.
LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the March edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.80
THE NOMINATION COMMITTEE: is as follows: Mr. Robert Bartholomew (Convenor), Mr. Bryce Hartshorn, Mrs. Dorothy Bone, Mr. George Park, Mrs. Jane Hunter, Mr. Keith Fullerton (Vice Convenor), Miss Kerrie Lee, Mr. Norman Reid, Mr. Roger Thomson, Mr. Stuart McKinlay, Mrs. Laraine Christian, Mrs. Susan Mills and Mrs. Irene Bartholomew (Clerk). Please remember the committee in your prayers.
THE GUILD: Tomorrow afternoon is our next meeting – our annual Daffodil Tea at 2 p.m. in the Midton Road Hall. We are delighted to have Isobel Miller and Friends who will entertain us and we look forward to welcoming everyone. Anyone else who would like to join us will be made most welcome.
WEDNESDAY BIBLE EXPLORATION will take place on 6 March at 7.30pm in the Struthers Room. Our Lenten meditation will be ‘With Fresh Eyes’, based on Psalms 27 and 51. All welcome.
RETIREMENT LUNCH BUS LIST: the list of all travelling to Turnberry by bus in the Carrick Park vestibule. Please check that your name is included on the list and tick to confirm you have read it.
HOLIDAY CLUB: Holiday Club – Polar Explorers – needs your help. Volunteers for – Mornings 10 – 12 noon; Monday 8th – Friday 12th April your help will be so greatly appreciated – speak to Stuart or Irene, please. And, we need to collect as many empty 4pint plastic milk cartons (to make an igloo) PLEASE wash out the cartons and 2ltr water/drinks bottles which we will turn into penguins! There is a little geographic licence having igloos and penguins in the same room!!! Thank you to everyone who has already – keep up the good work!
LIBRARY NEWS: A few of the books (mostly novels) recently chosen and read by the book group have now been placed in the library. Well worth a look!
FOOD BANK: The demand for the Food Bank does not diminish – the following are urgently required this month: UHT Milk, 750ml Diluting Juice, Tinned Custard, Tinned Pudding Rice, Tinned Vegetables, Stew, Mince and Curry
OASIS CAFÉ: Meets every Thursday 10.30 – 12.00 in the Struthers’ Room, a place to relax, read the papers, and enjoy a chat – and quality baking!! A friendly welcome is extended to all.
AYRSHIRE WOMAN’S SINGING GROUP: “Finding your voice” with Rachel at the Hub in Alloway Street – Wednesday morning at 11am. No experience necessary; no need to pre-book – turn up and enjoy the fun. £40 for a 6 week block. Each session is an hour.

AYR HOSPITAL: Mr. Gavin Orr (Stn. 12), Mrs. May Speirs (Stn. 14), Mrs. Muriel Morton (Stn 6), Mr. Robert Clark (Stn. 2) and Mr. Duncan Anderson (Stn. 8)
THE BIGGART: Mr. Charles Hamilton (Urquhart) and Mrs. Betty Davidson (Lindsay)