6 JANUARY 2019

WELCOME TO ST COLUMBA CHURCH:People have been coming to this building to worship God for over a hundred years. While our town has journeyed through many changes over those years, the constancy of the witness of the “Church on Midton Road” has remained uninterrupted. The mission of any Church is to reflect through its presence, its music, its fellowship and its beauty the transcendence of God, and we seek to do that here in all that we share.
We hope that everyone who enters these doors will find an encouraging, friendly group of people. While we are far from perfect, we are regularly discovering truths that are changing us individually and enriching our lives as a church community. As we worship together, learn from the Bible, and pray for one another, we are strengthened in our commitment to Jesus Christ as well as to each other. If this is your first time here, we welcome you, and invite you to share the joy that we have found. A very special welcome to the family of Nieve who will be baptised at the Service this morning.
AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: 12: Mr. George McMillan, Mr. Robin Doncaster, Mrs. Elaine Kerr, Mr. Jim Richardson, Miss Kerrie Lee, Mr. Walter Muir, Dr. Lindsay Miller, Miss Hope Cousins, Mr. Gavin Gemmell, Mrs. Ann Gray, Mr. James Kane and Mr. George Rae
MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Mrs. Chrissie Luke.
Sunday 13 January 2019

9.30 am Family Worship Duty Team: 1 Sound: Mr. Alan Hawthorn
10.00 am St. Columba Kids
11.15am Morning Worship Sound: Mr. Keith Fullerton
Sunday 6 January 2019 “At the Gate of the Year”

10.30 am Family Worship Duty Team: 12 Sound: Mr. David Campbell
10.00 am Holiday St. Columba Kids
THE MINISTER is very appreciative of the mountain of cards and Christmas greetings which have arrived at the Manse. Thank you so much. Each one means a great deal.
REVD. NESS and THE OFFICE STAFF thank everyone who has taken time to send cards, gifts and season’s greetings. They are all very much appreciated.
NOTICE OF EXTRAORDINARY MEETING OF THE KIRK SESSION: A meeting of the Kirk Session will be held at 6.45pm on Tuesday 8th January 2019 in the Midton Road Hall. At the meeting Mr W. Muir will present the recommendations of the ad hoc Funding Committee regarding financial support for the new Charity being set up at Lochside. PLEASE NOTE THE CHANGE OF TIME.
GRATEFUL THANKS to all who gave in the Offerings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. The magnificent sum of £6000 was raised and will be distributed to the chosen Charities – Whiteleys Retreat, Independence from Drugs and Alcohol Scotland at Auchincruive and to the Save the Children Appeal for Yemen.
20’s IN THE PEWS: Total collected in December £75.79. The Kirk Session has decided to donate funds raised this year to support the work of ACE (Racerunning) Disability Recreation and Sport, Ayr.
LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the January edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.50
FOOD BANK: please continue to remember a few extra items when you shop- urgently required are tins of meat Mince, Stew, Chilli, Irish Stew , curry etc. The demand for the Food Bank continues to rise.
GUILD: Tomorrow, Monday, 7 January, is our first meeting of the New Year and we look forward to welcoming everyone back for an evening of friendship and fellowship. If you would like to come along and join us you will be made most welcome.
FLOWER CALENDAR: for 2019 is now in place in the Carrick Park Vestibule. If you would like to donate flowers in memory of a loved one or to mark a special occasion, please add your name and telephone number to your chosen Sunday.
AYR HOSPITAL: Mrs. Anne Ball (Stn 4), Mrs. May Hunter (Stn. 16) and Mrs. Ann Anderson (Stn. 9)

QUEEN ELIZABETH HOSPITAL, GLASGOW: Mrs. Marlene Hamilton (Spinal Unit)
We record our very sincere condolence to Mrs. Jean Lindsay and all the family on the sudden passing of her daughter Angela. Funeral service will be held on Tuesday 8th January at 12.15pm followed by the Committal at Masonhill.