Thursday 8 April

Today the news is full of the disgraceful violence in Northern Ireland where a fragile peace, following the Good Friday agreement of some years ago, was improving the quality of life for so many. Pray for the people there, their leaders and the police force: that they may work together to return to restoring order, calm and greater harmony than we have seen in recent days.

Friday 9 April

In recent days we have heard that stocks for the food banks have been greatly depleted during lockdown. Pray that people will resume helping this very worthwhile cause locally, perhaps even when they are doing their weekly shop this week-end. (Alloway Parish Church’s food collection point at their halls from 10 a.m. until 2.p.m. on Sundays is probably our nearest collection point until our own halls re-open again.) Pray for those whose circumstances mean that they  have to resort to Food Banks to feed their families and for the volunteers  who staff the Banks.

Saturday 10 April

During the Easter holidays and especially when the weather was warmer last week, many have been taking advantage of the time to exercise in the great outdoors with their families and, with the slight easing of restrictions, to enjoy the company of those from another household. Pray for the better physical and mental health which this enables and give thanks for the beauty of our local surroundings which, too often, we take for granted.

Sunday 11 April

Although this Sunday is known in the churches’ calendar as Low Sunday following the high point of Easter Day, it will not be “Low” in St. Columba which will again be open for worship for those who have been able to book a place at either of today’s services! Give thanks for this and pray for all whose hard work is making it possible for our Sanctuary to re-open again. Pray for blessing on all who will attend in person or watch the online version or listen to it by phone.(An interesting report on the Church of Scotland website this past week illustrates the vast scale of online worship through which many of our congregations have been able to maintain services, even during lockdown. Give thanks for this.)

Monday 12 April

The situation in places like the Yemen, Syria and Myanmar continues to worsen, especially for those in the many overcrowded refugee camps. Pray for those, including so many children, who long for peace and to be able to return to their own homes. Pray for the many aid agencies, like Christian Aid, working to alleviate their incredible suffering, asking that they may have sufficient resources to meet the almost overwhelming needs, especially for basic things like clean water and food.

Tuesday 13 April

As the hours of daylight increase and restrictions ease, give thanks for all that has sustained us through the darkness of winter and the sadness of the  pandemic and the lessons we have learned about community, sharing, dedication and awareness of each other’s needs and our need of each other. Pray that we may continue to look out for and support others where we can.

Wednesday 14 April

Squabbles and uncertainties about the provision and efficacy of vaccines are still upsetting the vaccination roll out. Pray for the scientists grappling with the situation and for all who continue to be uneasy about accepting their invitations to be vaccinated and may therefore be perpetuating the spread of the virus.. Remember also those countries where there are as yet no vaccines or not enough of them to meet the needs. Pray for our and world leaders struggling with a very volatile situation.