Thursday 15 April

This is one of the days when our hard working secretary, Irene, takes bookings from people wishing to attend our two services in the Sanctuary on Sunday. Pray for all the phone calls this entails and pray, too, that those disappointed not to get one of the 50 places available because of the restrictions, may be understanding and patient. Remember also the team faithfully recording our services for online worship each week, those cleaning, organising check lists and arranging flowers in the Sanctuary, giving thanks again for all their skills so generously and in the main, voluntarily given. St Columba is blest in each and every one.

Friday 16 April

Pray again for the people of N. Ireland and especially Belfast, who have faced the return of shocking violence, sadly often carried out by children. Pray for all who are trying so hard to bring communities together to return to the times of relative peace they had begun to enjoy and for lasting solutions to be found.

Saturday 17 April

Today the nation’s focus will be on H.M.The Queen and her family as they attend the funeral of H.R.H. Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. Pray for the clergy and others involved in trying to bring them comfort at this time, despite the constraints around worship in a pandemic and for each member of the family as they support and help Her Majesty mourning the loss of her husband of 73 years. Give thanks for his long life and service to the country and the monarch, especially his work for young people through his Award Scheme. As the National Anthem is played and sung many times on this day, may we all remember that the words are a prayer for Her Majesty.

Sunday 18 April

Give thanks for our continuing freedom as a country to worship God on this day and ask that we may never take it for granted. Pray for all the services taking place in person, or online or via radio and television throughout the land. Pray for all who will participate, perhaps after a long time of not attending church,   that they may be stirred to return and renew their commitment to the Lord of the Church.

Monday 19 April

As children and young people in our area return to school today pray for them, their teachers and other school staff: that they may all work safely  and carefully, thus avoiding another spike in the spread of the Covid virus. Give thanks for the better weather of these recent spring days which has enabled more and more people to enjoy the out of doors and the beauty of God’s creation all around us. Ask God to help us treat it kindly and enjoy it thoughtfully.

Tuesday 20 April

As another working week continues, pray for all who have no work and are struggling to find any. Pray that doors will open for them to use their skills and talents creatively and usefully. Give thanks for the various agencies and re-training opportunities designed to support and help them.

Wednesday 21 April

While the period of Royal mourning continues, this is the 95th Birthday of the Queen so may we pray again for her and for the thousands of others across the world, striving to adjust to being without the physical presence of a loved one. Pray that good memories and the care of families and friends may bring their own comfort. Despite our shared experiences of the pandemic, the world still seems to be a divided and dangerous place for many in whatever country we may be. Pray that we may be aware and willing to reach out in whatever way we can to those in need.