Another new month is on the horizon with a fresh opportunity for praising the God we love and serve and bringing to Him our intercessions for others as well as ourselves.

Our friend, Laurence Twaddle currently the minister in the Church of Scotland, Geneva, wrote this for his Wednesday service last week “We are sorry, we look everywhere except to you…. We look at the world and notice how beautiful it is, we look at our children and marvel at them, we look in the mirror to see our own faces, But somehow, there never is enough time, There never are enough reasons, there never seems to be enough quietness ….to turn our eyes upon Jesus and look full in His wonderful face….Today, here and now, help us as we turn our life around and look away from all the distractions, help us to focus our eyes on you, Lord, what blessings you bring, what strength you give, what forgiveness you pour out for us, what peace you offer to us….today, here and now. Help us to worship you….Our Father….”

May these thoughts inspire our prayers in another new month, reminding us of all that we have in this wonderful gift and ministry of prayer so that we do not become “weary in well-doing”.

Thursday 29 July

As the glorious summer weather fades into refreshing showers and even floods of rain may we give thanks today for all that we have had in recent weeks of holiday for many, rest for some and new opportunities for others, thinking especially of our young folk and teachers on holiday from school. All of them so badly needed this break from the difficulties and constraints of the past year. Pray that they may all feel the better for the change as the time nears for schools and colleges to resume a new year.

Friday 30 July

Today sees the monthly walk organised by our Worship, Mission and Outreach Committee. Participants are asked to meet at the car park for the River Ayr walk at Ayr College at 10.30. Pray for fine weather and that this time of fellowship and gentle exercise will be of help and support to all involved.

Christian Aid has just this past week launched a new appeal for prayer for another walk being undertaken by the Young Christian Climate Network. The day after the G7 meeting in Cornwall in June a group of 80 young Christians who are passionate about climate justice, set off from Cornwall and are making their way to COP26. As they journey across the UK in relays which will reach Glasgow on 15 October, they are calling for climate justice. They need our prayers and help to ensure that world leaders take action. CA says “We know there is power in prayer. Join us in praying for the young pilgrims, for those impacted by the crisis and for decision makers to heed our calls for climate justice. We will count up the prayer pledges and actions taken in support of the pilgrimage and deliver them to COP 26 ”. Connect to the relay by creating a paper boat to pledge your prayer support so that CA can send them all on to the decision makers in Glasgow as a visible sign of our pledge to pray for this. For more details contact Christian Aid in Glasgow.

Saturday 31 July

The recent devastating floods in parts of Europe and hailstones the size of golf balls in Kent this week, which have ruined crops, are two examples of the effects of climate change which remind us all afresh of the massive effects of climate changes taking place across the world. Pray for increased concern about this and that people will take their own practical action to reduce carbon footprints and, in other ways, do something positive about the worrying situation.

Sunday 1 August

Our minister, Scott, is due to return to the pulpit from holiday today. Pray for him as he delivers his message to both services and for the technical team and Matthew and Rachel, our musicians, as they lead in praise, together with members of the choir who, with the congregations will be rejoicing at being able to sing again, albeit behind their masks!  Give thanks that larger congregations are now possible in both our sanctuaries and for those who have worked hard to ensure that everything is as safe as is possible in both places for all who come.

Monday 2 August

Many people will be returning to work today after their holiday break. Pray for them as they take up their routines again. Pray also for those whose work is not what it was before the pandemic struck and for those whose jobs have disappeared. Pray that, as they search for new employment, they may find encouragements and fresh hope.

Tuesday 3 August

Lebanon is a country already coping with the aftermath of the bomb disaster which caused such devastation in Beirut last year and where the work of rebuilding continues, despite the chaotic government situation. In the past week, storm damage, also attributable to climate change, has added to the difficulties of a country where so many people are being housed in flimsy shelters or refugee camps. Pray for all in the aid and other agencies struggling to bring order out of the chaos and for the people of Lebanon in their miserable situation.

Wednesday 4 August

Our church leaders are asking us to speak out against cuts in the international aid budget and proposals to reform the asylum system making it harder for people fleeing conflict or persecution to seek and find sanctuary. Pray that pleas for that will be heard and heeded.