Thursday 12 August

“Code red for humanity “The UN Report on climate change published this week is a wake-up call for the world.  If we ever needed convincing about the disaster and danger of climate change surely we have had it in abundance in recent weeks when floods have occurred in places that have never known them before, forest fires have engulfed homes, buildings and land in Europe and California and several European countries are experiencing temperatures, never before experienced. Pray for all caught up in these terrible events and the exhausted fire fighters, rescue services and aid agencies who are working to combat them.

Friday 13 August

The worsening situation in Afghanistan is causing concern in many places, not least among our own military personnel, many of whom recall their service there in the last twenty years especially and wonder what it was all for. Pray for the people and government of that country : that they may make a stand for a society where there is justice and the human rights of all are respected, not least those of women, girls and children.

Saturday 14 August

In this last week of the school holidays, pray for our children, young people and their teachers as they make the most of these summer days, remembering especially our own Sunday Kids whose activities will resume on Sunday 22 August. Pray that new youngsters will join in these and that parents, who took baptismal vows on behalf of their children, will remember what they promised on that special baptismal day and seek to fulfil their promises by encouraging their children to attend and learn about the Christian faith.

Sunday 15 August

“This is the day, this is the day that the Lord has made…we will rejoice and be glad in it!” runs an old chorus. Pray for all the worship taking place in our congregation and Presbytery today, whether in our churches or online or at open air services. Pray that members will take seriously their membership vows and attend wherever they can. Pray for those leading services and preaching that they may bring and encouraging and uplifting message “for the living of these days”.

Monday 16 August

As another new working week begins many people will also be struggling to support and feed their families. Pray for those who have to use food banks to survive, for those who contribute to these, especially our own one at Lochside and for the volunteers who organise and staff them: that all may work harmoniously and with kindness for the common good.

Tuesday 17 August

Please continue to pray for all who are still hurting from the effects of the pandemic in bereavement, loss of health and well-being, job security and any form of uncertainty for the future, asking that they may find those willing to provide comfort, encouragement and support.

Wednesday 18 August

Please pray for the whole Church of Scotland and for our own St. Columba, as we grapple with the challenges which face us in the coming years to preach the gospel to a country and people who have largely turned away. Ask that by word and life we may make it real and meaningful to every single person. Pray for those tasked with making decisions which will have long ranging effects for years to come: that they may seek God’s will for Scotland and its people.