Thursday 25 February

After the rain of recent days how good it is to awaken today to blue skies and sunshine. Give thanks for the uplift to our spirits which such a beautiful morning offers and take your prayers for today outside, even if only to your back door, if you are able to do so. Once there, look around at the beauty of God’s creation in this early springtime and give thanks for His wonderful world.

Friday 26 February

The Moderator has been spending part of this week in virtual meetings with leaders of the main parties in the Scottish Parliament and the Presiding Officer. On Tuesday he had the opportunity to give the Thought for the Week before business in the main chamber and gave an excellent short address which can still be found on the Church of Scotland website or on his Facebook page. Pray for the impact of this on all who heard it, giving thanks also for this week’s important interaction of the Church with the Holyrood government.

Saturday 27 February

Give thanks today for the lengthening days with more time to enjoy the out of doors and, for those who can, to engage in sporting and other healthy activity. Remember, too, those who would love to be able to do this but are no longer physically fit to do so.

Sunday 28 February

Rejoice today that “This is the day that the Lord has made” and that we are free to worship, even from the comfort of our own homes. Pray for our ministers, Scott, David and Roddy, helped by Matthew and Rachel, as they bring thoughtful services of praise and worship to us, through the wonders of technology. Pray for the team of people who work with them to make this possible, giving thanks for the enrichment this brings to our lives. Remember also our Sunday Kids and their leaders who prepare so much interesting and imaginative material for them to enjoy. Pray for more families to take advantage of this means of enhancing the Christian education of the children they brought for baptism.

Monday 1 March (St. David’s Day)

Another new month and a step nearer to the easing of lockdown! Give thanks for this and for the vaccine rollout which is bringing the country closer to the “new normal”. Pray for all involved in administering the vaccination programmes in all parts of the UK, for our scientists stiving to keep pace with the changing  virus and for our leaders as they take the difficult balancing decisions about pace and reducing infection. Continue to pray for those who are resisting the vaccine for various reasons and ask that they reflect on the common good, rather than personal and sometimes misguided concerns.

Tuesday 2 March

Tonight the Presbytery of Ayr meets virtually. On its agenda are a number of important matters with possibly far reaching consequences for the future of the church in this area, following the 2019 General Assembly’s decisions about the need to reduce the number of Presbyteries and congregations in Scotland. While these will not be popular, they are inevitable. Pray for sensible, thoughtful discussion and decision making which will ensure that the Church’s fundamental work of mission and outreach can continue throughout the country.

Wednesday 3 March

An urgent prayer request has been received from our partner church in Malawi where the number of Covid-19 infections is rising.  The isolation centre set up at Ekwendeni Hospital has had its roof blown off in a storm at the end of January, rendering it unusable. Our Church’s Faith Impact Forum has sent £1000 to support the Synod of Livingstonia‘s efforts to re-roof the Centre and we are asked to pray for Malawi at this difficult time.

Please pray also  for our partner church in Myanmar following the coup at the beginning of last month. We are urged to pray for a reversal of the coup, the release of elected leaders and for peace and justice for that country.