Thursday 16 July

On Tuesday the Disasters Emergency Committee which represents 14 charities including Christian Aid and Tear fund launched an emergency appeal for humanitarian and medical aid for Syrian, Yemeni and Southern Sudanese crowded refugee camps where the covid – 19 virus is now rife. Despite our own concerns in this country pray that this will be successful as people are moved to donate generously and compassionately, The Westminster government has promised matching funding on the first £5m raised.

Friday 17 July

Next week our on line summer Holiday Club at a Distance takes place. Pray that many of our young people will join in on this fun event and come to the church hall (Carrick Park entrance)  today or tomorrow between 10 and 11.a.m to collect their craft kits. Pray that this will be a happy week for all involved as they learn more about what following Jesus means and encourage any youngsters you know to join in. Give thanks for those who are giving up time to lead the club via online channels : that the technicalities may go smoothly.

Saturday 18 July

As many of us do our weekly shop today, pray that we may remember the huge needs of our local food banks again and see if we can’t spare something from our shopping  for this sadly much needed  resource.  Pray for those forced by circumstances into using it and for those who staff it, sorting donations and interacting with the clientele : that they may do so in a kind and compassionate manner.

Sunday 19 July

Give thanks that our Sanctuary will again be open for private prayer between 10a.m. and 12 noon and pray for those who staff this, with our minister, making those who visit feel welcome and comfortable. Pray too for those unable, because of age or vulnerability, who cannot take advantage of this facility in the meantime: that they may be able to participate in the many worship services now available on line or by telephone from various churches. Pray for our Session committee which is preparing and planning for the time when worship service(s) can again take place in our  premises at Midton Road and Lochside, following the nation’s move into Phase 3 of easing the lockdown which was announced last Wednesday.

Monday 20 July

Last week Crossreach ( the Church of Scotland’s Social Care arm) sent out a letter expressing their gratitude for the “extraordinary generosity the Church has shown to its Covid-19 Emergency Appeal”. At the time of writing, over £270,000 had been gifted to the Appeal via many imaginative fundraising initiatives. Their CEO, Viv Dickinson said : Thanks to the generosity of every one of our amazing supporters we have been able to provide the equipment and resources so badly needed during this emergency. While the challenges we face continue, knowing we have such wonderful, faithful supporters partnering with us  strengthens our resolve. Thank you all for donating, praying, volunteering and generally getting alongside us in so many ways. Give thanks for this good news and pray for continued support of their work, not least in our own Cumnor Hall.

Tuesday 21 July

The Moderator’s occasional series on Facebook “It’s a Fair Question” continues with his two most recent interviews focusing on what it’s like to be a black person in Scotland today and also speaking with a minister, who in a previous life was a police officer, in a priority area parish in Glasgow about how we can help our communities. Pray that these will be heard by many church members and that horizons will be widened and care and concern stimulated by  these innovative ways of learning  about a variety of issues.

Wednesday 22 July

This is the day when our minister, Scott’s Wednesday Reflections go on line. Give thanks for his uplifting messages and pray for him as he prepares them, along with his sermons posted on our church website. A number of other congregations also offer midweek reflections which can be stimulating, encouraging and challenging. Our own member Ian Paterson has been invited to contribute fairly regularly to the daily Thoughts for the Day from Dunblane Cathedral where he was twice the locum. Pray for those preparing these that people will find them helpful and relevant. Remember also our Minister Emeritus, Fraser, as he takes up duty as Locum in neighbouring Prestwick St. Nicholas Parish Church which is now in vacancy.