Thursday 10 June

Yesterday was the feast day of St, Columba and this would have been a special year in which to celebrate St. Columba as in 2021 it is  1500 years since he was born. Had the times been normal, the plan in our congregation was to have marked this in some celebratory way but all that has to be on hold until 9 June 2022. However, perhaps we can, on our own, think of St. Columba and give thanks for his ministry which may, indirectly, have brought us to where we are in our own journey of faith today. Here is a prayer of St. Columba which you may like to use: Be, Lord Jesus, a bright flame before me, a guiding star above me, a smooth path below me, a kindly shepherd behind me:  today, tonight and forever.

Friday 11 June

Today representatives of the G7 countries will be coming to Cornwall for a preparatory summit in connection with Cop 26. Pray that in the next few days of discussions and debate they will take seriously their agenda, listening carefully to one another and reaching decisions which are wise, helpful and in the best interests of all nations, especially the poorest in the world.

Saturday 12 June

As our screens and newspapers will no doubt fill up this week-end with articles about climate change and some of the measures we could all take to address the immediate needs for change on our own doorsteps, give thanks for all that we enjoy in this land and pray for countries where the impact of climate change is devastating, destroying any settled way of life for so many people. Pray for aid agencies like Christian Aid and Tear Fund which work to address needs and others like the Halo Trust, working to remove the many land mines in war torn countries like Afghanistan, which this week has lost some of its workers to a bomb attack on them while they slept. Pray for their bereaved families at this time and for those who were injured in it.

Sunday 13 June

Give thanks for the excellent Communion service which St. Columba was able to offer in person to so many at both its services last Sunday. Although it may have been very different from Communion services in the past, the willingness of so many people to share in what is likely to be the “new normal” was uplifting and encouraging and a matter for praise. Pray for today’s services and Sunday Kids meeting: that they too may be a blessing to many. Pray also for the online service, giving thanks for those who enable it to happen.

Monday 14 June

As she takes up her duties among us and begins her practical training as a Minister of Word and Sacrament, pray for Gillean Richmond in these early days of working in this congregation. Pray that she will find colleagues, office-bearers and members helpful and enjoy learning what practical ministry is all about in these days of great change for the Church of Scotland. Remember too our new Moderator, Lord Wallace, as he begins his year in that office.

Tuesday 15 June

Last week, our kirk’s Faith Impact Forum co-hosted with Christian Aid an event sharing why COP 26 is an important moment for churches and people of faith to engage with the summit and find ways to combat climate change. Pray for the outcomes of the kirk’s event and our response so that generations to come will know of our efforts and see that we care about their and our planet’s future.

Pray too for our Presbytery of Ayr meeting tonight by Zoom and remembering especially our Presbytery elder, George Park.

Wednesday 16 June

As this PC was being prepared a friend wrote on a post on Facebook these wordsIn particular, our gardens are a salve against the rigours of our daily lives, free to walk in, to sit in, to contemplate in and to be still in and perhaps a place of peaceful encounter that will make one whole”. Give thanks today for the green spaces around us and for all that we can enjoy in them, being ever mindful of, and grateful to, the Creator of earth and sea and sky..