Thursday 18 March

Give thanks that most children and young people have now returned to school and pray for them and their teachers in this short time before the Easter holidays as they become accustomed again to the rhythm of the school day. Give thanks for the excellent work maintained online by teachers during lockdown and the adaptability of the youngsters to this new way of learning.

Friday 19 March

Pray today that God will inspire us to do our Lord’s work on earth – by listening, phoning, writing or by taking action in some way. Think of someone who could do with such support to cheer the remaining days of lockdown and ask God to enable you to help them to see that there is light at the end of what has been a very long tunnel for so many,

Saturday 20 March

Today there will be various sporting fixtures to enthral supporters. Give thanks for health and fitness and pray for those who, in celebrating wins or mourning losses, will be tempted, like the thoughtless in Kelvingrove Park on Wednesday, to disregard the continuing rules designed to suppress the virus, asking that they may be more thoughtful of others. Give thanks for the recent spring days of sun and warmer temperatures which have enabled many more people to take exercise by walking or cycling in the fresh air, enjoying the handiwork of our glorious Creator.

Sunday 21 March

This will be the final Sunday of lockdown before our building re-opens again next Sunday (28th) for two services in the Sanctuary. Pray for the continuing work of the online service team, who, with our ministers, are enabling us still to enjoy online worship. Give thanks for their technical skills and expertise in preaching, music, flower – arranging, computing and camera work which combines to enrich all who watch and listen. Remember, too, our Sunday Kids and their leaders’ work in this last Sunday before the holiday break.

Monday 22 March

 Another working week begins reminding us to pray for those whose service we, sadly, too often take for granted: those who support our medical staff in the hospitals and care homes – the cleaners, laundry workers, technicians, engineers, caterers and all those who work to serve others. Pray that we may all be more

 grateful for what they do and remember to be appreciative of them as we have opportunity.

Tuesday 23 March

Incredibly, it is a whole year today since the first lockdown had to be introduced throughout the UK. In Scotland, the First Minister has asked us all to hold a minute’s silence at a time to be announced; and the Moderator has invited everyone of all faiths and none to “Light for Lives” by lighting a candle and putting it on their front doorstep at remembrance of those who have passed away in the last twelve months and to pray for all who have been bereaved. If we know someone who has had a bereavement in this time may we specifically remember them and perhaps send them a wee card saying that we did this. It can help the grieving to know that they have been remembered.

Pray that as we do these things and reflect on the past horrible time for everyone, we may also express our gratitude to God who, through so many kind people, has sustained and helped all of us to cope, even in the darkest times. Pray too for better days ahead for everyone.

From a minister in Hamilton Presbytery, who has lost four members of his own family circle, this prayer is offered as a resource for anyone to use during this time tonight on a Theme which was the main topic in our own minister’s Discussion Group last week:-

      Lord of Light and Life, where there is darkness,

      Let Your light shine, the light that brings new life.

      As we remember those who have lost their lives,

      We pray……let Your light shine.       .

      As we remember those who are left, whose lives have changed,

       We pray…let Your light shine.

       As we remember  these difficult times, we pray….let Your light shine

       On all of us and before us to see a way through and beyond.

       Let Your light shine in the whole of creation today, tomorrow and forever,

       In the name of Jesus who is light and life for all.  AMEN

Wednesday 24 March

Last Monday the Moderator wrote on Facebook that, had all things been equal,  he should have been heading to Lebanon and possibly also to Syria in the coming days, “principally to express solidarity with our brothers and sisters in these desperately troubled and damaged countries”. Instead, he was to “join a vigil (that evening) to mark ten years since the start of the Syrian conflict – to remember, to weep and to pray”. The pictures on TV last Wednesday have reminded us how desperate the situation is in both places. Pray for all who struggle, even for life, there and agencies like Christian Aid, Tearfund, the Red Cross and others working hard to alleviate suffering and bring hope and healing to the despairing.