Thursday 25 March

Give thanks for those who teach in our schools at every stage and pray that they will soon enjoy respite from the stresses and strains of the last term with its home schooling programmes and the preparations for the re-opening of buildings two weeks ago, Pray too for our children and young people, asking that in the  forthcoming Easter break they can enjoy the outdoors more and return to school refreshed and ready for the summer term. Pray especially for the leaders and youngsters of our Sunday Kids which will not be meeting for the next two Sundays.

Friday 26 March

The worrying situations in Syria, the Lebanon and Myanmar continue to cause horrific suffering and distress to all their peoples. In Myanmar leaders of the Presbyterian church there with whom the Church of Scotland is partnered have asked for prayer that the hearts and minds of the military leaders would be changed, that justice and peace would be restored and the will of the people, as expressed in the November elections, would be respected. Pray for those who bring aid and comfort in the face of almost impossible conditions and for those who seek to heal and resolve the conflicts. Pray again for those in the refugee camps.

Saturday 27 March

Give thanks today for all the scientists and medical experts who have developed the vaccines and palliative medicines as they monitor the new variants. Give thanks also for those who are carrying out the vaccination programme throughout the country, especially those in our local General Practices and centres and for those who transport supplies to them. Pray that all that is needed will be available at the right times.

Sunday 28 March

Today is Palm Sunday and the beginning of Holy Week. It is also the time when our clocks move forward one hour! Give thanks that our places of worship can again be open, even with limited numbers, and pray for all those involved in taking bookings, cleaning and arranging the buildings and flowers, organising social distancing measures and check lists and seeing to the many tasks that re-opening entails in order to comply with current regulations. May they have patience, strength and wisdom for all that needs to be done so that opening can take place safely. Pray especially for those with the awesome responsibility and privilege of bringing God’s word to His people: that what they say may be relevant and encouraging in these difficult times.

Monday 29 March

As Holy Weeks continues, pray for the local special services being offered to our congregation online at 9 a.m. each day from today. (For details, see the St. Columba website and intimations.) Pray for the ministers who will lead these asking that many members and friends may support this enterprise and be uplifted and enriched as we move towards Easter and contemplate what death and Resurrection cost our Lord. “There was no other good enough to pay the price of sin…”

Tuesday 30 March

Preparations for the COP 26 conference on climate change taking place in Glasgow in November are already underway and the Church of Scotland is one of the agencies which have been asked to find volunteers to steward and help in other ways. If this is of interest the details are on the Church’s website. Pray for all the planning for this event and pray too that it will not need to be postponed this time as the decisions it will take are critical for the whole world.

Wednesday 30 March

Pray for the politicians of the Scottish and UK Parliaments, facing complex issues which will affect all our lives. Pray for wisdom for them in their decision-making and for all of us in Scotland as we consider our votes in the coming election. Give thanks for all who worked hard in days gone by and won for us the right to a democratic vote.