Thursday 14 May

This is Christian Aid week, though not as we know it this year. But the urgent needs remain in countries where Christian Aid works around the world, especially during this coronavirus outbreak and where it is responding by providing information about the risks, hygiene measures, hand washing facilities and training for frontline workers. Please pray and help, by donating, as you are able.

Friday 15 May

As lockdown continues in Scotland, pray for those who are finding it hard, struggling to find things to do, especially if they live alone. Ask that we may find ways to help them, perhaps by phoning folk we know who are on their own, or sending a cheering message on a card or, if we are near enough and not self isolating, dropping off a little baking at their door, always maintaining social distancing.

Saturday 16 May

Today should have been the first day of the General Assembly. Instead there will be a virtual meeting online in the Assembly Hall in Edinburgh at install the new Moderator, the Rev. Dr. Martin Fair of St. Andrews, Arbroath. Pray for Dr. Fair as he takes up office in a very different way and times from the customary start to a Moderatorial year. Pray too for The Very Rev. Colin Sinclair who will relinquish office: that he and his wife, Ruth, who has supported him on all his travels, will be able to adjust to the big change in their lives and relax and rest after their recent “marathon” of over 53 meditations each morning on Facebook during the lockdown, bringing encouragement and help to a worldwide audience.

Sunday 17 May

At 2.p.m. the Church of Scotland’s showcase of its work and service will be beamed on the Church’s website until 4.p.m. There will be a variety of lively presentations including  conversations with people like the Director of Crossreach, Viv Dickinson and Professor Jason Leitch and the BBC’s Hugh Pym, who have all been in the front line of informing the country of the need to Stay safe, Stay at Home, Protect the NHS and Save Lives. Pray that many will tune into this event and be inspired by it.  

Monday 18 May

In these days many people have been bereaved and have been unable to have the funeral they would have wished for their loved one. Pray that they may know the presence of God with them in their grief and find comfort and peace. Remember, too, our minister, Scott, and all who, like him, are having to conduct such services and give their relatives pastoral care.

Tuesday 19 May

Continue to pray for all NHS and care home staff and also for all who are working hard to maintain essential services : supermarket workers, those who collect the rubbish and recycling; those who work to provide our gas, electricity, phones and internet links; those who sort and deliver the mail; those who drive buses, trains and taxis, asking God to protect and keep them all in His loving care and to help us appreciate them more.

Wednesday 20 May

Give thanks for the many imaginative and creative ways in which our office bearers and others are maintaining contact with our congregations, through virtual acts of worship, mailings of pictures, news and other pastoral messages, online sermons, prayers and helpful information, suggestions for those  having to help our children at home or in the schools where children of key workers have to be helped and supported. Pray for all directly involved in preparing these “helps”: that they may seek God’s guidance and in doing all this work, be blest themselves.