Thursday 27 May

Today is the closing day of our Church’s General Assembly when one of the major annual reports from the Committee on Chaplains is received and a senior member of military personnel is invited to speak. This year that person is from the Royal Air Force. Give thanks for the members of all three armed forces and those who minister to them as chaplains. Many of them are from sections of the military who have to be deployed on operational duties for long periods of time far away from their families – for example those who serve on the submarines of the Royal Navy – so pray also for the families at home and those who care for them.

Friday 28 May

Give thanks that in these early summer days and perhaps especially in what will be a holiday week-end there will be opportunities to enjoy the out of doors. Give thanks for gardens, window boxes and balconies where the fresh air can be enjoyed along with the bright blooms of flowers and blossoms and the song of the birds in trees and hedgerows. Ask God to give us eyes to see and fully appreciate the wonders of his creation and never to take it for granted. Pray for parts of the world where the devastations of climate change are affecting growth of plants for food and therefore the ability of people to earn a living and survive.

Saturday 29 May

Pray today for those who are enjoying a holiday break in this Bank Holiday week-end and for whom this time of recreation is more than usually welcome, following the long months of lockdown and restriction. As families and other groups meet up together, pray for common sense about mixing and for adherence to the continuing rules so that there may be no need to return to tougher measures. Pray for all who are still hurt and grieving for what has been lost throughout the pandemic and remember all who are still unwell with Covid and those who are caring for them at home or in hospital

Sunday 30 May

This is Trinity Sunday when the church celebrates God known as Father, Son and Holy Spirit – “God in three persons, Blessed Trinity”. Give thanks for all the services of worship taking place today in sanctuaries up and down the land and online. Pray for richest blessings to follow every sermon preached, every Sunday Kids (or equivalent) group taught, every offering of praise or in giving used: that all who participate in any way may be drawn closer to God and uplifted and inspired to further service. Remember especially our own ministers in St. Columba and at Lochside.

Monday 31 May

Among the agencies of the Church of Scotland commended at the General Assembly for its “tireless work to support thousands of people during the pandemic” was CrossReach. One of its homes for the elderly visited by Prince William in his capacity as Lord High Commissioner, was Queen’s Bay Lodge in Edinburgh where residents very much enjoyed meeting and chatting with him. Give thanks for all that such a happy occasion meant to residents and hardworking staff alike and continue to pray for blessing on all the work of CrossReach and the giving of the funds which help to enable what the Church can offer in this area of social care. Pray especially for those in our local Cumnor Hall and all who live and work there.

Tuesday 1 June

As another new month begins, pray for the continued rollout of the vaccines, giving thanks for them and praying for those in countries like  Nepal, about which the General Assembly heard so movingly, where there are hardly any vaccines, so far, and where deaths are mounting up daily as the virus spreads. The new Moderator, Lord Wallace announced the “Give Thanks Appeal” for a just vaccine rollout and for providing basics like soap and water and food to help Christian Aid’s work with such vulnerable communities.

Wednesday 2 June

Pray for the new discussion groups led by Scott which are beginning online today and tomorrow in St. Columba and continuing until the end of the month. Ask God to bless this time of fellowship together, despite the restrictions : that it may be stimulating and interesting for all who participate. The book which will inform discussion is “Seeking God” by Esther de Waal.