May Prayer Calendar Week 2


Thursday 7 May

“Gratitude is the most beautiful blossom that springs from the soul” Give thanks that you can be and are a blessing to someone else today. (New Laigh Church Kilmarnock Thought for the day) Phone someone for a chat, send a card or an e mail, offer to help – there are many ways to keep in touch with people even during this difficult time. As we all Clap for Carers tonight, pray especially for workers in Care Homes who are particularly vulnerable to infection as they do not have the full PPE and may not yet have had adequate testing. Pray for those in the armed services and laboratories who are helping with this important part of the fight against the pandemic.

Friday 8 May

This is the 75th anniversary of VE Day and there will be lots of commemorative programmes on radio and TV. Give thanks for all who gave their lives for our freedoms and for those who came safely home after the tragedy and trauma of the war years. There is a wonderful prayer for VE Day from the Moderator on the Church of Scotland’s website which we would commend you to use and perhaps print out to share with someone who is not on line.

Saturday 9 May

Pray today for our Prime Minister and his scientific and medical advisers as they review and perhaps relax some of the current guidelines about staying safe: that their decisions may be wise, careful, sensible and in the best interests of all so that there may not be a second spike in illness levels and deaths. Ask again that the public will have patience and perseverance in accepting whatever is decided with good grace. Pray for those who are having difficulty in coping with the lockdown, finding their days long and even boring at times.

Sunday 10 May

As many of us participate today in virtual worship on Facebook or some church websites or on line, give thanks for those who have prepared these services for us to share, often having to adapt considerably to the technicalities involved. Pray for members of St. Columba who are not able to join in this way and are feeling isolated and cut off from our fellowship. Perhaps a phone call to one or two in this position whom we know might make the difference to their Sunday? Pray also for our young people missing Sunday Kids and even regular school classes!

Monday 11 May

Yesterday marked the beginning of the annual Christian Aid Week which will be very different this year as there can be no door to door collections, book sales or other fundraisers.. Pray that people will still give generously to this very worthy cause for which there is so much need all around the world. (For details of CA’s projects and how to give during the pandemic, please see their website).

Tuesday 12 May

As work is currently being done to refurbish the kitchen at Lochside Church, the Tuesday breakfasts cannot take place in the meantime. Pray for those who enjoy and benefit from this opportunity for  food, fellowship and advice and for those working on the refurbishment: that this may go well and when it is complete enhance what can be done from there in future.

Wednesday 13 May

As work and research continue to find a vaccine for corona 19, give thanks for those who have volunteered to be guinea pigs for the trials and pray for the scientists and others working hard on this crucial study. Pray that positive results may be found sooner than expected and be of benefit all over the world,