Thursday 28 May

Give thanks that the number of patients dying of the corona virus in Scotland is steadily dropping, but pray for those who, in the face of pressure for the lockdown to be eased, are having to take difficult decisions about what is best for the country and in the hope of avoiding spikes in infection again. A colleague who is originally from Germany, but is now a minister in Scotland, has pleaded for extra care and caution here in the wake of news from congregations in Germany where, for example, the opening of churches for worship led to 100 people falling victims to the virus in at least one area.

Friday 29 May

Even as we give thanks for the reducing number of deaths we must never forget the many who have been bereaved during this pandemic, all over the world. Pray that, somehow, they may be comforted, helped and supported by those who minister to them, thinking especially of aid agency workers, parish ministers and priests and hospital chaplains. Remember the latter as they also minister to front line and other staff in their stress and exhaustion.

While we pray for our own country in what it is facing, ask that we may remember those parts of the world which are having to cope with the pandemic in the face of climatic disasters of various kinds, as in Bangladesh, Western Australia, and places where there are huge refugee camps, and in war torn countries like Syria, Iran, Turkey and Hong Kong.

Saturday 30 May

Give thanks for all who have heeded the national advice to stay at home and cope sacrificially with the lockdown through the last nine weeks. Pray that if some easing is permitted from this week-end, those who are vulnerable for various reasons of age and health may continue to be patient and also continue to receive the help they will still need – perhaps for some time  to come.

Sunday 31 May

This is Pentecost Sunday which marks the beginning of the early church. The new Moderator will be leading a special service in which all Church of Scotland congregations have been invited to join at 10.a.m. on Facebook. People do not have to be regular users of Facebook to log into this. Pray that many will participate and find it an inspirational and uplifting start to the week. Pray for the Moderator, Dr.Martin Fair and the team which will assist him. His wife, Mrs Elaine Fair is a singer and special needs Primary school teacher who will be contributing to the service also.

Monday 1 June

A new month…..which may see the re-opening of schools in parts of the country. Pray again for those whose responsibility it is to help children make the transition from home back to school. As they do this ask that they may be given wisdom and special patience, particularly as they have to help the youngest children understand the need for, and practice of social distancing.

Tuesday 2 June

Many people are, rightly, concerned about their jobs, some having to face redundancy and other losses or struggling to work from home along with caring for pre-school children. This is another group which is utterly exhausted after all the weeks of doing this, especially if they have had to do it alone. Pray for renewed strength, energy and vigour.

Wednesday 3 June

This day marks the anniversary of the coronation of our Queen. Continue to pray for her and her family, giving thanks for her faithful dedication to the country for so many years, not least in her recent broadcast contributions, during the epidemic, encouraging us all to keep going, through everything.