Sunday 5th July 2020

FOURTH SUNDAY AFTER TRINITY                                                                             

WEDNESDAY REFLECTION   From the beginning of June, the Minister is offering a short reflection every Wednesday.   This may be accessed on our website (script and audio) or Facebook (audio).   Last week’s was entitled “FAIRIES”. Do take a look!

THE JULY PRAYER CALENDAR for week ONE is available on the website.

PLEASE do not hesitate to let us know of anyone unwell or struggling at this time. Irene – 265794

REMEMBER – WEBSITE has lots to offer. Sermons and Prayers, New – Wednesday Reflection from the Minister, and a wealth of useful information.

DEATH:  Les O’Grady, Lochside, died on Tuesday 30 June.  The funeral is on Friday 10 July at Masonhill Crematorium. We extend or sincere sympathies to Les’ family.  

FUNERALS: We continue to remember Mrs. Daisy Milne in our prayers. The funeral of her daughter Margo will be held on Tuesday 7 July in Dunure Cemetery at 11.00am.   

COLUMBA NEWS – JUNE edition. We hope you enjoy this “new look edition”. A copy is also available on the website.  Thank you Norman. Thank you too, for all the supportive email and phone calls we have received – we are glad you like the new look magazine!

PRIVATE PRAYERNow that we are in Phase 2 of the Scottish Government’s route map, the Kirk Session is permitted to open the Church for the purpose of private prayer. The Kirk Session is pleased to be able to make the sanctuary available to you for a trial period of four Sundays in July, from 10.00am to 12.00 noon, commencing on Sunday 5th July. Please be aware that the situation you will find in Church will not be how it is in normal circumstances. The maximum number of people who can enter the Church on a Sunday morning is 35. If more than that number attend, regrettably they cannot be admitted. This number has had to be reduced on advice from the Presbytery.

It is important that members take careful note of all the information on Private Prayer on the Church website which can be found here:

Bob Bartholomew, Session Clerk.

OFFERINGS: During this time when the Church building is closed, members may be considering how they can continue to give offerings to the Church. Information on this is available on the Church website This link will take you directly to the page. Alternatively, you can contact the Treasurer (01292 443271), the Session Clerk or the Church Secretary (both at 01292 265794).

FOOD BANK: You will have seen on the news this week the stark figures that indicate how many children are going hungry during lockdown and beyond, as parents struggle to find money for food. The Food Banks are working to capacity under very severe hygiene and distancing regulations to meet this growing need. Please remember those extra food items which can be left at a number of stores around Ayr. (Asda; Tesco, Sainsbury and the Co-op – to name a few). If you are not out shopping you can make monetary donations by cheque – made out to South Ayrshire Foodbank and send to the Foodbank at New Life Church, 62 Monkton Road, Prestwick. KA9 2PA. This is the main – they deal with all donations. You can contact the Foodbank on 0759907114 they ask that you please leave a message if no one answers – this means they are busy making up boxes for distribution. We are looking at the possibility of having a drop off at the Church – but not yet – watch this space.

SUNDAY WORSHIP – Sunday 5 July – in the absence of worship in our own Sanctuary may I direct you to BBC Radio 4 at 08.10am SPEAKING INTO TROUBLED TIMES The Revd Lucy Winkett, Rector of St James’s Church, Piccadilly, and composer Bob Chilcott explore the power of music to speak into troubled times. You can listen to the Radio on your TV at channel 0104

The BBC is no longer broadcasting a Sunday Morning Worship Service and Reflections at the Quay (from Glasgow) – I cannot find any listings for the Reflections and the schedule going forward indicates that this production has finished.

20’s IN THE PEWS: Please continue to save your 20’s – we will provide a very large collecting jar when we all return to Church.

MARY’S MEALS: likewise your coppers for Mary’s Meals – there will always be a great need to help.

LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the will be hand delivered until we return to normal! If you do not subscribe but would like more information please contact the Life & Work Convenor – Hazel Steele on Tel. 861631

OASIS CAFÉ: During our enforced closure – please remember your Thursday morning friends and maybe give each other a call! 

DAILY PRAYING   May I recommend the website which offers a daily 10 minute reflection with music, Scripture and help with sensitive praying.    It will help you reflect on the day.  You can listen first thing in the morning, during the day or towards last thing at night.  Often, I find them very peaceful, though they differ each day.     Scott 

Books for the journey………

  • Rowan Williams               Luminaries:  Twenty lives that illuminate the Christian way        SPCK
  • Thomas à Kempis            The Imitation of Christ
  • Anthony De Mello           Seek God Everywhere
  • Esther De Waal                Seeking God

Also, you can sign up for the daily meditations of Fr Richard Rohr, Centre for Action and Contemplation.

SERMONS ONLINE:   The text of the sermon for this week is available on the Sermons Tab.

Meditative daily worship with readings, music and prayers are available from:

Facebook – you do not require a FB account to access the Church FB page. Something new will be uploaded every day. Prayers, short video from the Moderator Revd Colin Sinclair and his wife, and the new idea – Our Church windows in Jigsaw form – pop over and have a try!

SPOTLIGHT ON FAITH – Revd. Dr. Scott McKenna in conversation with Iain Stewart of Edinburgh Inter Faith Association.