14 December 2014

WELCOME TO AYR: ST. COLUMBA CHURCH: Here at St Columba, you will find a warm welcome from committed Christian people who are serious about their faith journey but also enjoy having a good time. You will find passionate worship which seeks to incorporate both the traditional and the new, and preaching that tries hard to make the Scripture message relevant to our daily living. We are a congregation drawn from all parts of Ayr and beyond, and we come together to worship and to take part in all kinds of Christian service in the community. If you want a Church that will honour your journey of faith and challenge you to go deeper into your relationship with Jesus Christ, then this is the place for you, and we are delighted to welcome you. Let no one feel a stranger in this place! A very special welcome to the family of Catherine who will be baptised at the 11.15am Service this morning.
AT THE DOORS TO WELCOME YOU TODAY: Team 3: Mr. David Reader, Mrs. Mo Howie, Mrs. Isabel Kelly, Mrs. Anne Hope, Mrs. Margaret Johnston, Mr. Colin Naismith,Mr. Bryce Hartshorn, Mr. Dennis Johnston, Dr. Ruth Martin, Mrs. Ann Naismith, Mr. Bob Bartholomew and Mr. Iain Hope
MINISTRY OF FLOWERS: The flowers, which adorn the Sanctuary this week, have been given to the Glory of God by Miss Phyllis Thornton, Mrs. Margaret Goodwin, Mrs. Irene Morrison and Mr. John Davidson and Family.
SUNDAY 14 November 2014 Third Sunday in Advent
9.30 am Family Service    Sunday School Nativity    Duty Team: 3   Sound: Mr. John Crone
11.15 am Morning Worship   Sound: Mr. George McMillan
4.30 pm Readings and Carols by candlelight followed by mulled wine and mince pies

SUNDAY 21 November 2014 Fourth Sunday in Advent
9.30 am Family Service      Duty Team: 4     Sound: Mr. Alan Hawthorn
11.15 am Morning Worship      Sound: Mr. Jim Brown
12.45pm Congregational Lunch

20’s IN THE PEWS: The total collected in November was £108.51. This year monies go to Diabetes (UK), the leading charity that cares for every person affected or at risk of Diabetes. There are 3.8m people in the UK with diabetes, and an estimated 850,000 who are unaware that they have the condition!
LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the December edition are available for uplifting at the main door of the Church. There are extra copies available at both doors priced £2.
FOOD BANK: The food requested is determined by demand. The Warehouse in Prestwick which distributes the food boxes to hubs in Ayr, Troon, Maybole and Girvan has intimated that the greatest need is for boxes for single people. Always needed are: long life milk, diluting juice, jam, small packets pasta, noodles and rice, small packets sugar, tins of fruit, packet custard and instant mash.
COLUMBA NEWS: Material for the January edition should be with the editor by Sunday 21st December 2014. Late copy will not be accepted due to printers’ holiday. Articles should be emailed to the editor: editor.columbanews@gmail.com
CONGREGATIONAL LUNCH: SUNDAY 21ST DECEMBER all tickets should be paid today. NO cancellations accepted after tomorrow 15th December.
THE MONDAY CLUB: tomorrow evening, 15th December, is our Christmas celebration with supper and entertainment by “Robin and Friends”. This should be a most relaxing and entertaining evening when the committee look forward to welcoming all members. We will start 15 minutes earlier than usual at 7.15pm.
OUR KIRK SESSION has agreed to donate £3000 to the South Ayrshire Food Bank Appeal.
MEN’S ASSOCIATION. On Monday evening we bring down the curtain on 2014 when our own John Crone will enlighten us on “Aspects of the Ayrshire Coalfield.” On behalf of the members may I wish everyone a family orientated and happy festive season and health and happiness in 2015.
FLOWER CALENDAR 2015: is now available in the Carrick Park vestibule. If you would like to donate flowers for a particular Sunday, please add your name and telephone number to the calendar. We are so grateful to all our donors for their generosity
DECEMBER 16th and 19th: Advent Music for Meditation (in Church): 11.30am – 1.00pm

Wednesday 24th December
7.00p.m. Family Carol Service by Candlelight
10.45p.m. Church doors open
11.30p.m. “Midnight at the Manger”

Thursday 25th December
10.30a.m. Family Service
SUNDAY 28th December
No Early Service
10.30a.m. Morning Worship
“At the close of the year”
11.30a.m. Holy Communion

No Early Service
10.30a.m. Morning Worship “At the Gate of the Year”
No Evening Service
AYR HOSPITAL: Mrs. Jean Nicolson (Stn. 15), Mrs. Helen Skinner (Stn 10) and Ms Irene Taylor