26 April 2020

DAILY PRAYING   May I recommend the website pray-as-you-go.org which offers a daily 10 minute reflection with music, Scripture and help with sensitive praying.    It will help you reflect on the day.  You can listen first thing in the morning, during the day or towards last thing at night.  Often, I find them very peaceful, though they differ each day.     Scott 

SUNDAY WORSHIP – in the absence of worship in our own Sanctuary may I direct you to BBC Radio 4 at 08.10am Sunday 26th APRIL – “We had hoped…”  – “But we had hoped…” The words of two of Jesus’ disciples to a stranger on the road to Emmaus.  In times of grief and disappointment, there is one thing left to cling to; that thing is hope. Professor Jennifer Strawbridge of Mansfield College, Oxford and the Revd, Dr Steve Nolan, Chaplain at Princess Alice Hospice, lead a reflection on where we find hope in times of despair. They explore Jesus’ appearance to his two disciples on the Road to Emmaus and how that encounter speaks to us today.

Please note the BBC changed the published times of the following two services last week. Please check they have not been rescheduled to start earlier.

WORSHIP FOR SUNDAYBBC1 TV – 10.45am – THIRD SUNDAY OF EASTERA service from Hereford Cathedral led by the bishop of Dover, the Right Reverend Rose Hudson-Wilkin, with hymns recorded for Songs of Praise in 2017. The service was filmed before the closure of all church buildings.


OFFERINGS: During this time when the Church building is closed, members may be considering how they can continue to give offerings to the Church. Information on this is available on the Church website https://ayrstcolumba.co.uk/options-for-offerings/ This link will take you directly to the page. Alternatively, you can contact the Treasurer (01292 443271), the Session Clerk or the Church Secretary (both at 01292 265794).

20’s IN THE PEWS: Please continue to save your 20’s – we will provide a very large collecting jar when we all return to Church.

MARY’S MEALS: likewise your coppers for Mary’s Meals – there will always be a great need to help.

THE APRIL PRAYER CALENDAR for week three is available on the website.

LIFE & WORK: Pre-ordered copies of the will be retained until we return to normal! In addition to the hard copies that have been ordered – Life & Work, this month, is available online. Follow this link:


There is a short highlight on the website.

COLUMBA NEWS: is available on the website.  Thank you Norman.

OASIS CAFÉ: During our enforced closure – please remember your Thursday morning friends and maybe give each other a call! 

FOOD BANK: Please remember that the need for donations of all basic foods is even more urgent during this crisis. If you go to the Church website or FB page you will find details of places where food can still dropped off.

REMEMBER – WEBSITE has lots to offer. Sermons and Prayers and a wealth of useful information.

Books for the journey………

Thomas à Kempis                    The Imitation of Christ

Anthony De Mello                  Seek God Everywhere

Esther De Waal                       Seeking God

Mark Oakley                           My Sour-Sweet Days

Also, you can sign up for the daily meditations of Fr Richard Rohr, Centre for Action and Contemplation.


SERMONS ONLINE:   The text of the sermon for this week is available on the Sermons Tab.


Meditative daily worship with readings, music and prayers are available from:


Facebook – you do not require a Facebook account to access the Church FB page. Something new will be uploaded every day. Prayers, short video from the Moderator Revd Colin Sinclair and his wife, and the new idea – Our Church windows in Jigsaw form – pop over and have a try!



We remember in our prayers Irene Wybar who passed away in Berelands Care Home last week. Irene was a hard working member of the Congregational Board and a very caring Elder. Her service will be held on Monday 27 April at 1430.

We remember the family of Archibald (Archie ) Fulton, formerly of Glenfairn Care Home. His funeral will be held on Tuesday 28 April in Masonhill Crematorium at 11.30am.

You may wish to light a candle at the time of the funeral service in memory of these good folks and others whom you knew and loved.