Prayer Calendar April Wk. 4

Thursday 23 April

Remember today the families of two of our elders, Mrs Joan Dunlop whose funeral is today; and Mrs Irene Wybar whose funeral will be held next Monday, giving thanks for their lives of service, especially in St. Columba. Pray also for our minister, Scott, as he conducts them, not in the way that he would wish, but faced with the constraints of the current rules for funerals. Pray for all grieving families at this time. .Pray also for funeral undertakers, crematoria and burial grounds staffs in these difficult days for them all.

Friday 24 April

Yesterday the first human trials for a possible vaccine for coronavirus were to begin. Pray for the research staff and technicians and patients involved round the clock, asking that the outcomes, even if they take longer than expected, may be successful. Grant that God will bless and use this vitally important work for the benefit of mankind all over our deeply troubled world.

Saturday 25 April

Give thanks that, in these difficult days for everyone, we have been blest with good weather to get out for walks and into our gardens, if we have them. Rejoice in the burgeoning trees, plants, flowers, bird song and other signs of spring and that whatever our circumstances, the seasons continue their cycle as our God has promised. However, pray also for those who are having to thole lockdown in small, cramped flats, with no gardens and perhaps little, fractious children to be cared for and entertained.

Sunday 26 April

Pray today for our Moderator and his wife as they undertake a special effort for the Kirk’s Social Care arm called CrossReach which is participating in the national 2.6 challenge, replacing the London marathon that would have taken place today. Like many charities just now, CrossReach is in desperate need of funds to support the people for whom it cares and their carers. (For more info. see the Kirk’s website.or or listen again to his Wednesday meditation on Facebook in which he explains how you can support this vital work.) Pray for imaginative ways of supporting this effort (the Moderator and Mrs Sinclair will each be climbing the 26 steps of their “double upper” manse in Edinburgh 26 times and other suggestions of 26s are on both websites!)

Monday 27 April

Many people are finding the extended lockdown difficult for a variety of reasons and especially those who live alone with no families to shop for them or even give them a ring. Pray that they will find interesting ways of coping with the isolation and that we may all look out for such people in our neighbourhoods or elder’s districts for whom a phone call  or even an offer to help might cheer their day.

Tuesday 28 April

There is still difficulty for some, who are self  isolating for health or other reasons, in securing slots for on line deliveries from supermarkets of groceries etc. Pray for all the shopworkers involved in trying to meet demands : that people will never take their work for granted and, no matter what, observe the courtesies that they all deserve.

Wednesday 29 April

Continue to pray for all those working long hours in the front line of our hospitals and care homes in the huge demands which are being made on them in this pandemic, particularly those who are not yet getting the PPE or other equipment they need.  Pray too for those who have responsibility for sourcing the various items and ensuring that they are delivered to where they are most urgently required. Remember the politicians and managers who have to make decisions about all these important matters on a daily basis.