Thursday 27 August

People have been shocked by the tragedy of an asylum seeker in Glasgow, Mercy Baguma, who was found dead beside her malnourished baby last week-end. That this could happen in 21st century Scotland is appalling, perhaps all the more so as she had had a job which she had lost after her limited leave to remain in the UK had expired. This meant that she was no longer allowed to work, leaving her and her baby destitute and without resources. Pray for her baby and for all refugees and asylum seekers coming to this country as they flee war, injustice and poverty in their own lands: that they may be treated with care, compassion and sensitivity by all those with whom they have to deal here as they search for a better life. Pray for those in the many refugee camps around the world struggling with poor facilities, almost intolerable living conditions and outbreaks of Covid-19.

Friday 28 August

Also at the week-end there was yet another disastrous shooting of an unarmed African – American in Wisconsin, in the presence of his three young children, which has given rise to violent demonstrations, unrest and damage in a number of cities. Pray that as protestors seek justice and peace they may do so without creating yet more grief and outrage as the case is investigated and those responsible for this tragedy are held accountable.

Saturday 29 August

Give thanks to- day that more and more people are able to get out and about at week-ends or to pursue healthy sports activities. Pray that all may be kept safe. Pray, too, for those no longer able to enjoy these and for whom week-ends are often long and lonely. Consider whether someone you know in the fellowship of St Columba might appreciate a phone chat from you to cheer them and remind them that they are not forgotten.

Sunday 30 August

As our church building is again open for private prayer from 10 – 11 a.m. this morning, pray for all who will gather and for Scott as he posts online or by phone another sermon with helpful thoughts and encouragement for all of us in these difficult days. Pray for those whose considerable efforts are making possible this time of coming together in the worshipful atmosphere of the Sanctuary. Continue to pray for the many congregations which are now able to offer online worship and for the weekly time of prayer offered by our Moderator at 7.p.m. using the prayer of the churches found on the Church of Scotland website.

Monday 21 August

Our young people still at school and their teachers and other school staff are having to make big adjustments to their daily lives as they learn to cope with social distancing and the wearing of masks in communal areas. Pray for them all as they do this: that everyone may be kept safe and that there may be no further outbreaks of this highly infectious virus. Pray for those with learning difficulties who may find understanding the need for extra care hard and irksome. Pray also for young people who have recently left school and are looking for work or further opportunities to study.

Tuesday 1 September

Give thanks for another new month, traditionally the beginning of autumn and another month nearer Christmas! Our Church’s social care arm, Cross Reach, today opens its annual online shop where people can order cards and calendars for 2021 on  Paper copies of their catalogue can be ordered on 0131 4544374 or will be sent to previous customers by post towards the end of the week. As this is an important way of raising vital funds for the work of CrossReach pray that this will be another successful effort and remember those who make it possible, staffing phone lines, websites and packing and sending parcels.

Wednesday 2 September

There will be no opening of the Sanctuary for private prayer today, but preparations for its opening for worship next Sunday will be in hand. Pray for those who are undertaking this important responsibility: that their work may be appreciated and supported by many. Pray for all who are apprehensive about returning to a public building while the virus is still so prevalent. Pray for all ministers and worship leaders preparing worship for next week-end: that they may offer reflections which are relevant and helpful to all who participate, whether in their churches or in their own homes.