Thursday 17 June

This is one of the two days when Irene, the Church Secretary, takes bookings for seats at the two services each Sunday in the Sanctuary, especially the service at 10 a.m. Pray for all the preparations which have to be made every week  so that the congregation can comply with government legislation about these matters, remembering especially the Beadle and the cleaners who have to prepare the building; and the camera teams, musicians, flower arrangers and clergy as they present the services and all that contributes to their effectiveness. Pray that everyone  involved will see their efforts, to enable  worship to happen, as valuable and valued.

Friday 18 June

As the pandemic continues to rage, with disquieting news of the arrival of the Delta variant of the virus, and S. Ayrshire is second in the list of Councils in Scotland registering the highest number of new cases, please continue to pray for all affected. Pray also for political leaders, local and national, as they strive to restore balance to everyday life in Scotland, heeding the wisdom and advice of scientists and health experts as they guide decision making about continuing restrictions. Pray for patience for us all, perhaps recalling the words of Psalm 40, Verses 1-3 about the need to “wait patiently”!

Saturday 19 June

This week a joint initiative between Christian Aid and the Church of Scotland was announced. This encourages members to give a financial gift in thanksgiving, once they have received full vaccination, for Covid-19. Currently, in Lebanon and Malawi, with which Ayr Presbytery is twinned, the percentage of the population vaccinated with only one jab is 4% and 0.8% respectively. By supporting Christian Aid in its efforts to provide basics such as soap, water and food we can help to ensure that vulnerable communities stay safe as they wait for their jabs. To give a gift please go to the CA website and give thanks for your vaccination and pray for the success of this special initiative. “Freely ye have received. Freely give.”

Sunday 20 June

Because so many of our young folk are having to shield at home, following contacts with others at schools in our area, Sunday Kids can’t meet today. They will be frustrated by these restrictions so pray for them and their leaders as the latter try to help them in other ways until the end of term next Sunday.

Pray again for those engaging with the worship St. Columba offers today, Refugee Sunday,  in the Sanctuary, online and by telephone. Remember also to pray for the witness of the whole church in Scotland at 7.p.m. tonight. In encouraging us to do this, our new Moderator, Jim Wallace said at the recent Assembly : “In this pandemic, our responsibility is to come together and offer our prayers for all the many expressions of our Christian faith that enrich life as we have been doing for many months now.” This week’s prayer can be found on the CofS website.

Monday 21 June

Give thanks for those who are still able to work and pray for those in various sectors of the economy who continue to be restricted by the regulations about what their businesses can and can’t do in these still difficult days for so many. Pray for those with no work, especially young people leaving school at this time and unable to find jobs. Pray for those who try to advise and help them find careers.

Tuesday 22 June

There is much concern about the many people in the community who are lonely and it was heartening to read of a local florist who, imaginatively,  is placing small posies of flowers at strategic points in the town for the lonely to pick up and enjoy, as a reminder that someone cares for them. Pray for those who also make time to send letters and cards or make phone calls to those they know in this position.

Wednesday 23 June

In these sunny summer days, our surroundings look very beautiful indeed. Give thanks to God for His creation and ask Him to help us have eyes and ears to see and hear all with which He blesses us in the natural world. Give thanks for the many beautiful trees and gardens which can be seen all over our town and for those who are good stewards of them, remembering especially the council workers who tend the public parks and spaces. May we never take their work for granted but appreciate and encourage them in all that they do.