Thursday 11 June

On this grey damp morning, give thanks for the gentle rain of which our gardens, fields and plants are in so much need after the welcome sunny weeks. As it refreshes the earth, pray that we would all appreciate more and treat better the beauty of the world and God’s marvellous creation in all its aspects. Continue to pray again for our farmers: especially that they can find enough people to help harvest the fruit and other crops ready for picking just now. Remember the work of the specialist “farming minister”, the Rev. Chris Blackshaw, in our Presbytery of Ayr.

Friday 12 June

Recent announcements of the closures of large companies in the hospitality, business and other industries have highlighted various aspects of the economic crisis, as well as the health crisis, which is affecting our country. Pray for all who have lost their jobs and face an uncertain future with anxiety and deep concern, leading, for some, to deep depression. A recent government publication of advice and help called “Emergency support for Businesses” has been produced to assist those seeking grants and other expert help.

Saturday 13 June

As plans for further easing of the lockdown are considered by both governments pray for those who must take decisions about this, asking that they will be wisely and carefully guided. Pray also for those like our Kirk Session’s Review and Planning Committee who are working hard to prepare for the re-opening of our churches again. Already they have come up with at least 27 questions to be considered, so they too need our prayers, as does our Beadle, John Stewart, who among other matters associated with caring for our buildings, has been involved in assessing how our sanctuaries can be laid out safely for us all.

Sunday 14 June

Continue to give thanks for the many imaginative and helpful ways in which ministers, including our own minister, Scott, are providing congregations with worship helps and resources to enable people to recharge their spiritual batteries. Pray that we may all make time on this Sunday to use these and allow ourselves and our families to be inspired and uplifted by them. Pray that in this technological era St. Columba and Lochside will see value in being equipped for a future which is likely to include a continued need for online virtual worship and other meetings in this way.

Monday 15 June

As a result of the lockdown, many charities are struggling heavily for support and we will all have noticed a surge in appeals for financial support in recent weeks. Christian Aid is reporting that every country it works in is now being impacted by coronavirus, affecting health, livelihoods and personal safety. Together with local partners it is working quickly to limit this impact on some of the most vulnerable communities around the world, especially in refugee camps. Pray for a good response to their pleas for help in doing this.

Tuesday 16 June

As the weeks drag on and many try to cope with working from home. caring for and home schooling children, or caring at home for vulnerable elderly relatives, or living very lonely lives, pray for us all to have renewed energy in looking out for, or supporting in some appropriate way, those in these positions. Ask that we may have kindness, compassion and empathy as we do so.

Wednesday 17 June

Pray today for the many who have been bereaved because of the covid -19 epidemic and for whom news about what should have been done, but wasn’t, as the governments and others review the situation with hindsight, is very distressing. Pray for those who try to help all in this position: that they may be enabled to find solace and comfort as they reflect on the helpfulness of medical teams, those who have brought them food, prescriptions or making a phone call to them and above all the love and care of friends and family. Ask God to help us all be good neighbours to one another, as we are able.