The Lord our God is near us whenever we pray (Deuteronomy 4, verse 7)

Thursday 30 April

On Thursday evenings the nation has been showing its appreciation of the work of all NHS and care home workers and others in the front line of caring for and supporting all those affected by the corona virus. As we do this again tonight at 8.p.m. may we also pray for their stamina and strength to keep going during what is likely to be a long period, inspired by people like Captain Tom Moore whose 100th birthday is today! Pray for him as the nation rejoices with him.

Friday 1 May

Pressure on the British government to end the lockdown is steadily growing. not least because of its serious toll on the economy and the disruptions to everyday life which many people are finding harder to cope with as each day passes. Pray that we will all recognise the seriousness of what we face in this pandemic. asking God to help us have patience and perseverance to cope with the daily struggles, especially in families which are not coping and where there is increasing child abuse and domestic violence.

Saturday 2 May

As more congregations seek innovative ways to reach out to, maintain contact with their congregations and offer support, as is happening in our own Satellite church office, pray for those preparing for worship on line tomorrow or posting sermons, prayers and other helpful resources. Pray that we may all turn to these for support and comfort at this time and be appreciative of them.

Sunday 3 May

“This is the day that the Lord has made! Let us rejoice and be glad in it!” Pray that despite everything, people may indeed find many things over which to rejoice and give thanks on this Lord’s Day, perhaps especially the kindness of others throughout this difficult time. Pray too that as the Christian message of Hope again goes out over the airwaves on radio, television and other social media platforms today it will impact on many who may be listening to it for a first time in years.

Monday 4 May

Pray for our Moderator and his wife who will at 10.a.m. begin another week of their Thoughts for the Day which may people all over the world are finding so uplifting and helpful. Some of his other duties still continue as various groups have to “meet” on line by Zoom or videoconferencing. Pray that he will have all needed strength to offer a lead to the Church in these days.

Tuesday 5 May

Give thanks again for the wide ranging work of the Church’s social care arm, CrossReach which, particularly in its caring for the vulnerable and elderly, is facing huge problems of sufficient personnel and finance. The 2.6 challenge in which many, including the Moderator and his wife, participated last Sunday replacing the cancelled London Marathon, raised over £5000 for CrossReach. Give thanks for that and pray that others will be inspired and motivated to see what they might also do to help this important work in a very difficult situation.

Wednesday 6 May

As the country and the world fight the coronavirus war, other very needy situations continue to worsen in places like East Africa facing the devastation on vital crops of a relentless plague of locusts, Syria where the 9 year war still continues, in Malawi, already a poverty stricken country, and in the huge refugee camps where corona virus has already struck in so many countries. Ask God to help us not to forget these situations in the midst of our own problems and pray for those also in “front lines” of addressing these other crises, like Christian Aid, Tear Fund, the Red Cross and other agencies.