Thursday 12 November

Give thanks for the promising good news on Tuesday that a vaccine for Covid-19 may soon be ready. Pray for those making the final judgments about its validity and for those involved in its manufacture. However, the logistical problems of making this widely available are considerable and we need to pray earnestly for those who must plan and carry out its delivery to the nation. Pray, too, that in the meantime, the exuberance about this development may not lull people into imagining that there can be relaxation of the current restrictions and becoming complacent.

Friday 13 November

In the wake of the good news about the vaccine, the highest daily death toll from Covid-19 in Scotland was announced. Pray for the grieving families who have lost loved ones and for those who are ministering to them: that they may be helped to cope with the sadness and grief which these huge losses have meant for so many. Pray for the impact of those deaths on front line and other medical staff also who have been helping the dying in their final hours of life.

Saturday 14 November

Our children and young people need our prayers for them in this confusing and difficult time as they cope with the restrictions to their normal way of life. Many are fearful about their futures, especially those who would at this time have been preparing for important exams. Pray too for their school teachers, many of whom are exhausted as they near the end of a challenging term: that in this week-end they may find time and opportunity to relax and be re-energised for its remaining weeks of it. Pray too for those who plan for and teach our Sunday Kids as they meet tomorrow.

Sunday 15 November

“This is the Day that the Lord has made. We will rejoice and be glad in it!”  Give thanks for opportunities to worship today, either in our own Sanctuaries at St. Columba and Lochside or online and pray for those who lead our services, remembering especially our ministers, Scott, David and Roddy and our musicians, Matthew and Rachel who are especially enhancing our worship in this time when we are not permitted to have congregational singing.

Monday 16 November

Those who are members of our groups like the Guild, the Ladies Fellowship, the Fitness with Friends, the Bible Exploration meeting and the Men’s Association are missing their usual times of coming together for fellowship and friendship. Pray that they may be able to keep in touch in other ways, especially if they do not have access to modern technology, and still be looking out for each other, especially for those who live alone and are feeling the effects of isolation.

Tuesday 17 November

Pray for the ministers and congregations in our Presbytery of Ayr at this time of transition and radical change in the whole Church of Scotland. Twelve of these are currently vacant. Pray for wisdom and discernment in the discussions about the future and as decisions continue to be made which will affect us locally as well as at Presbytery level, Pray for grace to accept these and that we will have a leaner, fitter body of committed people prepared to reach out in mission and service to Scotland and beyond.

Wednesday 18 November

Give thanks today for the retail workers who fill our supermarket shelves, pack deliveries and ensure that everyone is able to get food and necessities, remembering that their hard work adds to our physical wellbeing, as does that of postal workers, binmen and street cleaners. Our police and firefighters also need our prayers. Ask God to bless and encourage them in all they are doing for the country at this difficult time