Prayer Calendar April Week 3

Thursday 16 April

Give thanks for the healing from covid 19 which has come to many in the past week, including the Prime Minister: that they may rejoice in the wonderful care they received from NHS staff and others and soon be restored to full health and strength again.

Friday 17 April

Pray for those in care homes, remembering especially the grieving families of those who have died from covid 19, particularly those who died in homes here in Ayr and in Prestwick and praying too for the staff who will have been devastated by the loss of those they tried so hard to save.

Saturday 18 April

This would have been the end of the Easter Holiday Club for our youngsters. Give thanks for the virtual club run on line by Stuart and pray that this will have had a cheering and positive impact on those who have participated.

Sunday 19 April

Traditionally this Sunday after Easter is known as Low Sunday. Pray for our minister, Scott, and all his colleagues as they continue to uplift us via online sermons and prayers or virtual acts of worship or recordings. Pray, too, for all who are finding it hard not to be in our places of worship at this time.

Monday 20 April

Today marks the beginning of the fourth week of lockdown which many are also finding hard, especially in the better weather we have had recently and following the announcement last week that this is likely to continue for some weeks yet. Ask that we may not grow weary in well doing by continuing to heed the guidance to stay at home, save the NHS and stay safe. Pray for those in the governments at Holyrood and Westminster who will have to plan the strategy for removing the restrictions.

Tuesday 21 April

This is the birthday of our Queen. Give thanks for her messages of encouragement to the country in these days and her long example of selfless service.

Wednesday 22 April

Pray for our youngsters who would normally have been back in their schools by now but who are having to be homeschooled: that they may still learn purposefully at home, helped by their parents and carers and enjoy this different approach to learning. Remember especially children of key workers and some youngsters with learning difficulties and those who are teaching them in their schools. Our minister’s wife is one of those involved in this work and would value our prayers.