Prayer Calendar April Week 3

Thursday 16 April Give thanks for the healing from covid 19 which has come to many in the past week, including the Prime Minister: that they may rejoice in the wonderful care they received from NHS staff and others and soon be restored to full health and strength again. Friday 17 April Pray for those … Read more

Prayer Calendar April Week 2

APRIL PRAYER CALENDAR (from 8 April) Wednesday 8 AprilOn Monday evening we learned that the Prime Minister had been taken in to ICU as a precautionary measure in case he needed to go on to a ventilator. As this calendar is about prayer rather than politics, let us pray earnestly for his recovery, for the … Read more

05 APRIL 2020

Palm Sunday Readings Let the birthing of flower, insect and bird be a sign of renewal and resurrection all around us. In the Manse garden, a single iris has grown tall through a bush of thorns; its purple and delicate yellow radiant in stark contrast to needle thin stick brown branches. Almost unseen, the iris … Read more

Prayer Calendar April

WEEK ONE Wednesday 1 April Another new month and now we’re in springtime! As the poet Geoffrey Chaucer said in the Prologue to his Canterbury Tales which some of us may recall from our long ago schooldays: Whan that Aprille with his shoures sooteThe droghte of March has perced to the roote…..Thanne longen folk to … Read more

29 March 2020

Prayer Almighty God, Creator: the morning is Yours, rising into fullness. The summer is Yours, dipping into autumn. Eternity is Yours, dipping into time. The vibrant grasses, the scent of flowers, the lichen on the rocks, the tang of seaweed. All are Yours. Gladly we live in this garden of Your creating. But creation is … Read more

Prayer Calendar March

AYR ST COLUMBA MARCH 2020 PRAYER CALENDAR Daniel got down on his knees three times a day to pray to his God and praise Him…. (Dan.6 verse 10) Sunday 22 March This is Mothering Sunday! Pray for mothers, grandmothers and aunts everywhere, giving thanks for their care, love and wisdom and their important roles in … Read more

Light a Candle

Taking place on Sunday 22 March, people of faith are being encouraged to light a candle and place it in their window at 7.00pm. The following prayer can be used when lighting the candle: For all that is good in life, thank You, For the love of family and friends, thank You, For the kindness … Read more

Prayers and Reflections 22 March 2020

Prayer God of ancient calm, let Your peace still us and Your light illumine us. God of the flowing rivers, may we discover anew Your flowing Spirit. God of the lonely plains, touch these empty places within us where we are vulnerable enough to meet You and discover a new understanding of Your acceptance. Amen. … Read more